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LADB was built by veterans of the film and video production and post-production industry with a simple, powerful vision: people doing business with people.

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It takes decades to create the future
An industry pioneer in entertainment for a half century

Just like those who pioneered the largest production and post-production companies serving Hollywood (Technicolor, Deluxe), the management at LADB (which guides and supports the staff) has a vast and successful legacy as a trusted partner for the top content owners ranging over 5 decades.

The Present - We are a customer-oriented post production company offering our expertise in a wide variety of quality and cost effective services with fast results. In 2002 LADB began offering unique post production services to several major Hollywood studios and TV networks as well as over 200 other Hollywood production companies and leading streaming distributors. With our constantly updating technology and rapid turnaround services we began a steady rise as a trusted name when our clients need something done quickly and correctly.

History / Experience Counts

The Beginning of 50 years of industry leadership - In 1966, Robert Seidenglanz (LADB management) was hands on involved on several filmed TV shows all done at major studios, as well as a motion picture, Tobruk, a Universal feature with the special effects team on location with the Howard Anderson Company. He then worked on ABC Wide World of Sports (1 of 11 permanently assigned to the WWS engineering staff out of 700 engineers), then later, many TV shows on video including Laugh In, Steve Allen and ABC's Operation Entertainment (a weekly 1 hour primetime special lasting a year and a half which entertained our servicemen, many who were already gravely injured, all videotaped on American Military bases stateside during Vietnam!).

Then in 1970-71 Compact Video Inc. is founded and hits the road, soon establishing a legacy as the most trusted partner for the top content owners. From concept to Prime Time Television!

1968 Concept 1970 Prototype 1971 Compact hits the road

Compact Video changed television forever as it took television production out of the studio and gave top content owners a practical set of tools (compared to film one on one) yet vastly increased speed of production and electronic video editing over film.

1973 - Video Production Expansion

On location globally, for example To China in 2 days notice

Air to air, Helicopter, Underwater, Compact made TV outdoors portable and practical.

View a sample list of Compact Video clients and the original full 24 page Compact Video brochure.

1979 - Compact Video's 7 story, 165,000 sq. ft. Post Production & Satellite Park

Compact built the first high rise in Burbank

1979 - Cantor Fitzgerald & Co. acted as financial advisors to Compact Video and introduced Compact to the founders of ESPN (father and son). Compact helps write and present an ESPN business plan to Getty Oil. From this plan, the founders raised $85 million to fund ESPN. Compact received a $15 million contract to build ESPN's Bristol, CT studio, satellite operations, and five mobile units.

1979 - Compact Video Systems acquires Image Transform, Inc. (Cantor, Fitzgerald & Co., Inc. acted as financial advisors to Compact) which has created Real Time Image Enhancement (used extensively by NASA, particularly in the transmission of television pictures from space).

“Bob Seidenglanz Shifts Over To Pacific Video” proclaimed the headline in a 1982 Variety article.

I became the court-approved CEO of the troubled Pacific Video Post Production Center, which had been undergoing reorganization under Chapter 11. Months earlier, when I first learned that Pacific Video had filed for protection under Chapter 11, I received a couple of calls from its bankruptcy counsel, Joe Eisenberg, asking me to take charge of the company. Eisenberg said my experience as head of a public company made me the “right guy” for the job.

I accepted the challenge and took over the job and within 9 months we presented a plan to the bankruptcy court
and the company, within two years, successfully went on to post producing over 50 TV shows a week.

1983 Pacific Video 1990 Pacific Video and Spectra Image
merge to become Laser Pacific Media Corp.
See a list of Laser Pacific clients and shows.

1994 First in-flight live broadcast in the world.
Robert was the President of the company that organized live broadcast "ECA"

2002 LADB Founded

Robert was also executive in charge of production for a 4 hour TV special "An Evening of Stars" aired on NBC and 50 other markets in syndication for 10 years, up until 2005.
Eric, at 15 became a protégé to the CEO of ADS in 1990. Since then Eric has acquired 26 years of hands on industry management experience. Eric is highly qualified to preside over Hollywood's top content owners' work, manage among the industry's largest, provide guidance for lowest cost post production facilities while leading by example for a best practices security environment.
2002 WB

LADB becomes a preferred vendor for WB
Advertising and Publicity for executive turn-around-services

2003 DNA

LADB Acquires DNA - Digital Navigation & Authoring
Full DVD Production Encoding and Authoring & Replication

2006 KCH

LADB becomes an approved vendor for Kennedy Center Honors

2007 Expansion

LADB establishes its headquarters for future growth

2007 Paramount

LADB - becomes vendor to
Paramount Pictures Advertising and Publicity

2007 LADB.TV unveiled

The first secure streaming service
in the business for reviews and dailies. Built and
designed for major movie studios and major auto manufacturers

2008 MGM

Creates metadata and closed caption
departments in house for MGM. LADB becomes a
vendor for MGM Providing Metadata, captioning and VOD services

2009 CBS

LADB becomes a vendor to CBS Films

2010 Lifetime Achievement Emmy

Awarded to Robert Seidenglanz

2010 Live Storage

LADB create a state of the art Live Storage Service

2011 iPad

LADB delivers a secure video
IPad app to the industry to be used with LADB.TV

2011 IMAX

LADB becomes preferred digital
storage provider for IMAX Advertisement

2011 ISO

LADB receives the very first dual accreditation in
the business for ISO 27001 (Security) and 9001 (Quality)


LADB - Becomes a vendor to Amazon Studios


LADB becomes vendor to Film District

2013 CDSA

LADB is one of the very first
vendors to obtain a CDSA certification

2014 FOCUS

LADB becomes vendor to Focus Features


LADB becomes Post Vendor to Netflix

2015 ScreeningNOW unveiled

A separate entity guided by LADB providing
client distribution service designed for content owners
wishing a method to monetize their content that will not find
distribution in the OTT Netflix, Hulu and Amazons of the world.

2015 UHD

LADB becomes one of two
Los Angeles US vendors to offer UHD
Authoring / Encoding / Replication With Scenarist and ATEME


LADB- Acquires Telepix Post Production services


LADB Becomes a preferred vendor
to Amazon Studios for all critics reviews

2016 A&E

LADB becomes preferred vendor to A&E Networks

2017 Production

LADB goes in production with Sidewayz films

2017 ISO

LADB completes three accreditations in the business for
ISO 27001 (Security), 9001 (Quality), and 22301 (Continuity)

2017 Final Text

LADB announces focus on high growth
of its closed captioning and transcription services

2017 StreamD

LADB releases StreamD,
a white labeled dailies streaming service

50 Years Management Experience

See why LADB management's experience has provided top content owners with a trusted partner to help create and deliver their content to Hollywood studios, TV networks, and independent filmmakers. Experience counts: For five decades, members of LADB's management have been industry leaders. From the explosive OTT growth; to the earlier days of the Internet; to big screen Motion Pictures; to the go-go growth in Cable; and to the original domination of the three U.S. TV Networks, our management team has been there! With our LADB family of dedicated and experienced staff we can help you generate or distribute your content with an accuracy and speed you won't find from larger facilities.